About the Artist

Since childhood it was an aspiration to go to art school, hone up some hitherto unknown skills, be a professional painter. Life doesn't always go according to plan, but I have been fortunate. And I truly believe I was always meant to paint. For look at life now... it has come full circle, albeit three decades later, and finally I am doing something good for my soul. The moral of this little story is clearly 'Hold on to Your Dreams'... for if you don't have dreams, how will you have dreams come true?

I have been encouraged by a loving and supportive circle of family and friends to trade the high tension phone lines as a businesswoman, for the power that lies within a delicate paintbrush and the world of colours that is contained within a palette. Together, we create something bright and beautiful, bringing colour and cheer into the lives of those who choose to make it theirs. The essence of oil painting is a paradox vis-à-vis life. Painting with oils allows for change, correction, reform and resurrection. Life is not always as pliant. But creating a thing of beauty is great therapy, a bottomless pick-me-up, an escape into a world untarnished by the agendas of the one we live in...

Why 'Colour Your World'? The intrinsic theme in all my art work is... Colour. The colour it brings into my life, the colour I hope it will bring into your life, your world. Inspired by the works of other great artists, and with the cyber world as my muse, I have endeavoured to recreate a collection of pieces that promises to bring colour into your home and heart. So should you wish to acquire a piece, or two, know that it can also be custom-made to suit your decor. Proceeds from all sales go towards material costs and supporting children's' charities...my attempt to bring some colour into the world of those less fortunate.

No two pieces can ever be identical, since each is handcrafted... with the same degree of love of art, passion to paint and enthusiasm to share. And as for the Butterfly...it is my signature, a symbol of beauty, a creation to marvel at and something to look out for!