Portrait of a Lady

Sent the photo and the painting to an American friend of mine who has met Veenu. She says: "The photo says: I am a handful and I know what I want and don't stop me from getting it. The painting says all that but in a manner that is more than assertive...rather bellicose. As in: don't even THINK of getting in my way!" This sort of reflects what you said your painting expressed.
A second cousin of Veenu immediately recognized the subject and said you are very talented.
— Surendra Nayar

Yo Mama Sun(Flower)

Simple lines, good colours and great appeal!
— Sharad Singh

Each of your paintings are turning out to be masterpieces!
— Nandita Gantayet

A Perfect World

Beautiful Rits - Wish I had a sprawling mansion, I would have bought up all your paintings!
— Parvathi Ramaseshan

Just amazing!
— Marietta Pereira

Nites in London

What a burst of colors and expressions. You are truly gifted Ritika. With the brush and with the pen - pictures that speak volumes. And colorful words. Mazaa aa gaya.
— Meeta Bora Singh

This is outstanding piece of art work... Didn’t know about the super-talented person you are...
— Kedar Joshi

Beautiful!!!...very fauve!!!
— Shakti Sharma

The Colour of Music

Extremely vibrant and speaks volumes.
— Sharmila Mansukhani Bhawnani

Fantastic Ritika in my mind I can hear the music playing, absolutely amazing and wonderful mix of colour
— Gayle Gillam Waymouth

Miles to Go...

I love the use of colours – there’s something so vibrant about it.. someday - I hope I get to see a few for real...
— Madhu Routh

This one's fabulous !!! Would look smashing on a stained glass lamp too !!! Colors are used so well!
— Seema Wanchoo

THIS IS SO BEAUTIFUL - I had to use capsLock!!
— Madhavi Murthy

So beautiful Ritika!! love the way you play with colours:)
— Radhika Ramnath

— Yasmin Shroff

— Saloni Mirchandani Malkani

Very beautiful painting with fabulous colours
— Ashutosh Singh

Love the colours....very nice!
— Debika Mukhija Ajmani

Rhapsody Testimonial

This "MASTERPIECE" hangs in a special home in Mississauga.
—Sharmila Mansukhani Bhawnani

Gorgeous: my feet have already started moving involuntarily and I am ready to soar
—Ricky Surie

A marriage of music and art
—Marietta Pereira

A personification of vibrance and elegance! Brilliant
—Shoba Dharap

This is symphony
—Sid Punjabi

Mind blowing!
—Manleen Dugal

This is marvelous!!!!
—Ramesh Raina


Absolute Stunner.
—Anupam Ramesh Kinger

Wow that is really a great painting. Looks lovely.
—Sujata Ramani

I think this is one of your best.
—Nirmala Mathews

Excellent piece !
—Sundri Sengupta

Beautiful work, Ritika
—Sid Punjabi

Effective and unique
—Mohit Malkani

Amazing! My friend....
—Promila Joshi


Super work, Ritika.
— Praveen Pais

Awesome! You get better and better and better!
— Parvathi Ramaseshan

Love it... amazing... acrylic or oil?
— Esperta Dcruz Bhavnani

Wow! Hope to see your exhibits live some day.
— Vinita Agarwal